Massage & Yoga Therapy

Therapeutic Yoga

Experience benefits of yoga

 in a safe and personalized way

Our yoga classes include physiotherapy and osteopathy elements to address pains and pathologies of musculoskeletal system. 

The main aim is to create a safe and personalized yoga practice fully adapted to your needs. Along with the diagnosis from health professional, we investigate together a body posture, unlearn certain postural habits. 

Unlike standard yoga class, yoga therapy sessions are conducted in one-on-one or small group setting. They usually include asana, breathwork, meditation, strengthening exercises, postural hygiene education.

How therapeutic yoga can help you?

How do we work together ?

First session:

Our I will ask you for diagnosis from your health professional which will serve to understand your condition and help to create foundation of your practice. 

Second session:

We create a program of physical and respiratory exercises according to your needs in order to obtain optimal results throughout the rest of the sessions.