Yoga & Hike Retreat

Holistic massage treatments during Yoga & Hike Retreat with Ceylan and Mironel

June 16-19th, Hotel Balance

Choose your treatment:

Chi Nei Tsang

Detoxifying belly massage

According to the Chinese Medicine, your belly is your powerhouse.

All emotions that couldn’t be expressed are stored in your internal organs and can be reflected with digestive issues and sensation of discomfort.

In Chi Nei Tsang session we use intentional healing to release stored energy in your organs, bringing your body back to state of homeostasis.

This session is one of the most effective therapeutic massage in Eastern medicine. By using special techniques to massage tissues and organs, your health and wellbeing can be restored.

OsteoThai Massage

Thai massage meets Osteopathy

holistic programme

Thai Massage is based on the concept that an effective treatment needs to address more than just physical body with its bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves. This approach includes working on energy pathways to release stagnation and blockages. 

This holistic bodywork is a deeply relaxing and healing experience on physical, emotional and spiritual level. It helps to release accumulated tension and stress from your body.


Here a grounding touch, care and the presence of the breath are an invitation to communicate compassionately with your body.

The session is received in comfortable clothes on the mat. You will experience acupressure, stretches which resemble passive yoga postures, reflexology, together with osteopathic movements. I use my hands, thumbs, forearms, knees and feet to open energy lines.

Wash the tension away with OsteoThai Massage

How is the session?

 How does the session look like?

You are welcome to receive your session in following slots:

– Saturday 17th at 1.30 pm and 3.30 pm

– Sunday 18th at 2 pm and 3.30 pm

– Monday 19th at 2.30 pm

75 min | 100 CHF