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We are born with the ability to live a harmony and without pain, but our frenetically paced world can be challenging at times. Do you feel back pain and tightness? Mind overwhelmed? Emotional tension stored in your body? I get you, we all have been there. You can liberate yourself from pain, chronic stress and create a real change. Yes, it’s very possible. Your body knows how to heal itself, sometimes it just needs to feel supported. Let’s make it happen together!

Hello! I'm Paulina

To guide curious health-seekers like you towards holistic wellbeing brings me a lot of joy.

Since 2008 I offer holistic massage therapy sessions that meet your individual needs. My intention is to plant a seed, help you understand  how you can create long-lasting changes to approach better quality of your life in many aspects.

I don’t believe in quick fixes, but in working with you as a team. When you are provided therapeutic tools and guidance, you feel empowered and responsible of your own health.

You are welcome as you are


How can I help you feel better?

massage for chronic pains

Massages & Bodywork

Massage sessions to release chronic pains and tensions

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Holistic Program

I say YES to myself (7 Weeks Program)

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Thai Massage Course

Thai massage professional courses and workshops

Your kind words

"Paulina is my trusted therapist since 2014! This time we had two sessions to release pain in my lower back and upper chest. The treatments helped me a lot: her touch is so centered, delicate and deep at the same time as well as her guidance and instructions to connect with the quality of my breath. I can tell the difference not only that the pain has gone, but also that the hips, the upper body and the chest are more free! In addition, Paulina has guided me to feel how the body, the breath and the emotions work together, as a unity. Now I have exercises to continue my practice at home.
Many thanks Paulina!"

Hanna Poikonen
Hanna Poikonen

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THAI MASSAGE Introductory Course, 8-9 June 2024

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