Harmonic Being

Therapeutic Massage Sessions

Imagine if you could:

Release long-held tension from your body

Restore emotional balance

Feel alive and much lighter

Learn how to take care of yourself on daily basis

Harmonic Being Therapeutic Massage Sessions

Harmonic Being is the name I have given to my main therapeutic massage treatment. This practice centers on blending diverse techniques and modalities of bodywork such as:

  • Therapeutic thai massage,
  • OsteoThai (thai massage with osteopathy elements),
  • Chi Nei Tsang (detoxyfing belly massage),
  • Craniosacral therapy,
  • as well as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), postural awareness and therapeutic yoga

This connection is based on the concept that an effective treatment needs to address more than just physical body with its bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves. So here we are working on energy pathways to release energy stagnation, providing in many occasions a lasting release from blockages and tensions.  Usually is gentle and deep work. Whether we focus on relaxation of nervous system, or stretching and releasing tension from the body, or letting go of control, or  releasing suppressed emotions – typically, each session includes all of these elements in different proportions.

My intention is to offer you a holistic experience and feel what your body needs in this particular moment. We start the session with stretching, acupressure, mobilization of your physical body, because the tension of any kind is held in the soft tissue. The base for this treatment is thai massage. I use my hands, thumbs, elbows, knees or feet to open the energy lines of your body. It increases the flow of energy and release energy stagnation. Passive and rhythmic stretches allow to regain flexibility and mobility.

This holistic bodywork is a deeply relaxing and healing experience on physical, emotional and spiritual level. It helps to release accumulated tension and stress from your body.

Credits: www.retreattothealps.com/

How do we work together

Your session begins with a chat and consultation, where you can share what your main ailments are and we evaluate your needs.

We may also take a deeper look at your postural habits, repetitive movements that may cause tension and breathing patterns. The session is received in comfortable and loose clothes on the mat. Each treatment is adapted to your own needs in this particular moment. Deeper or more subtle techniques can be applied, depending what is best for your body.

The essential part of each session is the quality of mindful and caring touch, listening and presence. Sometimes I guide you to bring your breath and focus to different parts of the body, but majority of the time you enjoy the silent space to deeply relax your nervous system.

In peaceful and safe environment body’s self healing process takes place. Additionally, each session may include some recommendations of how you can take care of yourself on daily basis to create long-term therapeutic effects. It might be a personalized breathing exercise, movement routine, yoga pose, tips for postural alignment. It might be also a deeper look at how you respond mentally and emotionally to different circumstances of life and how is that reflected in your physical body.

The session lasts approximately 1h 45min. Your investment: 160 CHF 


When you pause and slow down, you start to FEEL.

To start no notice your breath, quality of your thoughts, sensation of your body lying down. When you feel, you get in touch with all these spaces you have lost connection with. All comfortable and uncomfortable spaces. There is a moment when you start to embrace them in non-judgemental way.
Within that embrace, you start to RELEASE.
Releasing layers of tension you were holding for such a long time. Layers of pain, protection, responsibilities, tiredness and doubts. Your nervous system starts to unwind. Because you don’t need to hold to anything, at least in this moment. Now you are held.
When you release, you gradually start to TRANSFORM.
You allow new fresh energy to enter. You reconnect with this sensation of being at more ease, with more lightness of being. Everything start to feel better again.


Connecting with the innate intelligence of your body is like 

coming home 

in the best possible meaning of this phrase.