Fisiom Yoga

Experience benefits of yoga in a safe and personalized way

¨It´s not the person who has to adapt to yoga, but yoga that needs to be adjusted to each person¨ Sri Krishnamacharya

We are all unique. We have different experiences, different bone lengths and shapes, different challenges, patterns, beliefs..

Fisiom yoga classes bring yoga closer to you, if for whatever reason you don´t attend regular group classes.  They include physiotherapy and osteopathy elements to address pains and pathologies of musculoskeletal system. 

The main aim is to create a safe and personalized yoga practice fully adapted to your needs. Build a solid foundation, receive long-term benefits. Along with diagnosis from health professional, we investigate together your daily postural habits and movements, patterns of tensions and much more.  

Unlike a standard yoga class, this one is conducted in one-on-one or small group setting. Each class may include asana, breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness, strengthening exercises, postural hygiene education, self massage techniques.


Maybe you find yourself saying..

¨I can not practice yoga because I have an injury that doesn´t allow me to follow the group class¨

¨I can not practice yoga because I´m not flexible¨

¨I can not practice yoga because I feel stressed with so many instructions¨

How Fisiom yoga can help you?

How do we work together?

First session:

Before our first session, I will ask you for diagnosis from your health professional (if you have one) which will serve to understand your condition and help to create foundation of your practice. 

Depending what is your intention/focus of our classes, usually the first session is all about understanding your body. We do series of asanas (yoga postures), breathing exercises and postural hygiene explorations. 

Second session:

We create a program of physical and respiratory exercises according to your needs in order to obtain optimal results throughout the rest of the sessions.