Chavutti Thirumal Massage

Chavutti Thirumal massage was traditionally used by the Kalaripayattu warriors to increase their flexibility and to prepare and strengthen their bodies for combat. It has its origins in the Kalari martial arts of Kerala state of India and it has been used for over two thousand years.

Chavutti Thirumal is a deep ayurvedic massage, where the practitioner uses the feet for the main part of the treatment. Precise execution of the movements with the application of different amount of pressure in the key to this massge. Here you might experience the longest therapeutic body sweeps any form of massage can offer!

Chavutti Thirumal Massage

Let me tell you

5 Main Characteristics

of this unique experience:

  1. Here I use my feet for the main part of the treatment. Supported by a rope to maintain the balance and offer you long continuous strokes from the fingers to the toes. One foot always stays on the floor so the pressure is adapted to your needs at all times.
  2. Chavutti Thirumal  massage is like a dance: is fluid, dynamic, detoxifying and rhythmic (and can offer you the longest therapeutic body sweeps!). The strokes gradually iron out tensions in the muscular system and bring about a deep state of relaxation.
  3. During the treatment we work with marma points which are vital energy points of the body (and the points of intersection between muscles, tendons, arteries, veins, bones and joints) as well as with energy pathways
  4. Chavutti concentrates on both the physical and spiritual aspects of a treatment, and takes into account the Ayurvedic elements of Vata, Pitta and Kapha to restore balance.
  5. Although it may sound uncomfortable to have therapist´s feet on your body, it feels natural and relaxed almost immediately. If you feel the calling, just give it a try.


Contraindications are important considerations that help ensure the safety and well-being during certain activities or treatments such as Chavutti Thirumal. If you have any questions, please contact me.

  1. Severe osteoporosis
  2. Current heart disease
  3. Any fracture of the bones
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Flu/high temperature
chavutti thirumal massage therapy
chavutti thirumal geneva

Chavutti Thirumal Geneva, Switzerland

Don’t miss the chance to experience the amazing benefits of Chavutti Thirumal massage in Geneva. Take a step towards complete relaxation and revitalization. I´m the only practitioner of Chavutti in Geneva. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top 3 frequently asked questions about Chavutti Thirumal that I receive. If you have any other questions, contact me through whatsapp, e-mail or my social media accounts.

This massage, also known as “foot pressure massage,” is a traditional form of massage originating from Kerala, India

Chavutti Thirumal massage, helps improve blood flow, makes your body more flexible, relieves stress, and helps you stand and sit up straight. It energizes your body and brings a sense of peace and freshness. However, it’s important to consult a qualified practitioner to determine if it’s suitable for you based on your specific needs and health conditions.

During a Chavutti Massage Therapy session, you can look forward to a one-of-a-kind and energizing experience. The therapist will use their feet to apply long, sweeping strokes on your body, targeting deep layers of tension. By the end of the session, you may feel more relaxed and revitalized, with a greater sense of well-being.