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General info:

– All sessions last approximately 1h45min. The reason why they are longer than usual, is to offer you a therapeutic and holistic experience, in slow-paced environment. Where the session is not rushed, your nervous system can relax much, much deeper. There is also enough time for you to share before and after the session.

– The price for all sessions is 160 CHF (except Chavutti Thirumal which is 180 CHF).

– If you purchased the massage voucher, please contact me to schedule your session/s.

– If you purchased the gift voucher for somebody, please contact me to provide me with the name and surname of gifted person. Thank you!

Cancellation policy:

Please be aware of 24 hours cancellation policy. If your plans change or you start to feel sick, you can let me know minimum 24 hours in advance (preferably 48 hours). Thank you very much!

Holistic massage to release chronic pains and tensions

Detoxifying belly massage for integral organs

Deep ayurvedic massage with foot pressure

Mexican Healing / Ceremony of Passage in life for Women

Wash the tension away with ocean wave hawaiian massage

Holistic massage care for future mama 

Chair massage sessions at your workplace or business event

Slow, deep strokes that target the inner layers of your muscles