Rebozo Ceremony

Mexican traditional healing in the comfort of your home

Your Rebozo healing session is a beautiful gesture of gratitude for the effort of carrying and giving birth to your child

Is a therapeutic ceremony, something very exclusive
for the mother after giving birth
It helps you regain strength and fully find yourself in a new role, restore lost energy, help the body adapt to the new situation
A unique gift for the soul and body

When Rebozo Ceremony is offered?

•  you have just given birth, you feel tired, your back, joints, whole body hurt,

•  you don’t have time for anything except feeding your baby and changing diapers,

•  you don’t have the strength to take care of yourself

• the birth was long ago, but inside you still feel dissatisfied and perhaps even hurt and unfulfilled after giving birth. The pain can be both physical (your back, your pelvis) and spiritual, where suffering is caused by the loss of your vision of childbirth, self-esteem, trust in a loved one

• after the loss of a child; by wrapping, you can go through and heal the wound. It is then a strong wrapping, giving the mother space to touch all her feelings, allowing tears to heal a hurting soul.

• you want to indulge in something unique, deeply feminine and very nourishing. 

How Rebozo Ceremony looks and feels like?


Our Rebozo Ceremony begins with creating a safe and warm atmosphere in the comfort of your home. We will start with an opening circle/conversation to  get to know each other a little bit more. We will talk about your needs, expectations, problems that worry you.. anything that needs to be expressed. That you feel important, listened, heard. There are also some medical questions which you will be asked to answer before the meeting by phone or e-mail.


Then we will prepare for you a warm drink, which can be either a herbal tea or ceremonial cacao. It will warm your body body and prepare you for the process



15 minutes in water with herbal infusion in your own bathtub. The bath is intended to warm your body from the outside. The regenerative effect of herbs, together with the hot drink, warms your entire body, causing active sweating and muscle relaxation. Thanks to this, the body becomes flexible. If you have recently given birth, relaxins are actively released together with the sweat, which softened the joints during pregnancy, making them very mobile. All this helps to get the body back into shape and define new boundaries.

The body massage begins already in the bathtub, especially the womb. The bathroom is also a place of passage where, in an intimate atmosphere, full of oxytocin (warmth, dark, quiet), space is created for honest conversations, tears, a birth story, a story of pain and victory.


Oil massage with essential oils. After a warm bath, the body is not allowed to cool down and the woman is wrapped in cloth, just as a newborn is wrapped. One by one, discovering parts of the body, a massage is performed with heated oil and aromatic oils, the mixture of which is selected at the very beginning of the meeting and matched to the situation. At this stage it starts to feel blissful and sleepy, that’s how gently massaging the oil works. The muscles continue to warm up, and the aroma exerts its delicate therapeutic effect.


The “swaddling” is the last part of the ceremony. 


This is primarily to provide important suggestions and advice on adaptation
postpartum and health care after childbirth.

Beloved Woman,

Feel welcome into your own sanctuary, where you are embraced with the open arms. Here we invite you to experience the transformative power of Rebozo Healing – a journey of self-discovery, restoration and sisterhood.

Feel the gentle embrace of Mexican Traditional Ritual as you embark on a path of transformation, healing and reconnection.

This is your sanctuary, your heaven for renewal and empowerment.

Welcome home,

Paulina and Agnes

¨This reobozo ritual of 4-hand massage allowed me to stand upright, to go to the depths of my being to feel an explosion of sensations. Thanks to your gentleness and your attentiveness, I felt contained and safe, which allowed me to completely let go. Thank you ❤️.”
¨An intimate and profound moment. Great relaxation between four dreams hands. Real physical and mental relaxation. Thank you from the heart 💜 what a great place !¨
¨I recently experienced a rejuvenating Rebozo healing by Agnès and Paulina. Their technique and attentive care made for a deeply relaxing and spiritual session. I felt both physically and emotionally refreshed afterward. Highly recommend!¨

Who is holding the space for you?