Corporate Massage

If you have a desk job, those hours of chair-time can add up quickly in your daily life. And yet, that time is often spent sitting on a chair that is not really comfortable for your
back. Often the desk that is too high or too low, and your neck bends down looking at the screen at an angle that makes your body tensed up (sofa time and social media checking counts too 😉 ).

That can result in all sorts of nasty stuff, like eyestrain, shoulder pain, back pain, neck, arm and wrist pain.

Checking your posture regularly, avoiding hunching or bending at the desk, doing several simple stretches and exercises throughout the day on your seat is always helpful and essential for your health.

But, what about receiving some special care for your back,

release accumulated tension

from your shoulders 

and allow the stress to

melt away?

Chair massage possibly is a perfect solution.

Instead of using a table, the massage is performed on a special ergonomically designed chair whilst seated in a comfortable position with the clothes on.
It provides a much appreciated and healthy break in the space of peace and tranquility. Although brief in time, the results can leave a lasting impact on both your physical body and your mind.

✔ Deep

✔ Relaxing

✔ Detoxifying

✔ Energising

✔ Lasts 10, 15 or 20 minutes


✔ We adjust the chair for your most comfortable seat

✔ The session starts with few deeper breaths and guided relaxation. It helps you to focus more on your body, which quiets your mind and provides gradual stress relief

✔ The focus is mainly on your upper body (areas that often cause problems for people who use a computer keyboard, sit at a desk, do physical work): back, shoulders, arms, wrists, neck and head

✔ We combine different techniques to ensure deep but relaxing and energising treatment like
Shiatsu with acupressure points, Indian Head Massage, Thai Massage stretches and gentle twists. The massage techniques are designed to increase your circulation, reduce your stress levels, give you an overall feeling of harmony and take a weight off your shoulders

✔ Being comfortable at all times is essential. You will receive only the amount of pressure that feels good for your body. Regardless of any technique applied, the essential part is a quality of touch and presence

✔ We finish with stretches to open the front part of your body and balance the energy

Hello! I’m Paulina

Since 2012 I offer office chair massage sessions and postural hygiene workshops for the companies. For many years I collaborated with The Vital Touch and Inner Sense in Barcelona, Spain, providing regular chair massage sessions at the office in Criteo and Airbnb

Commited to make a Wellness an essential element in the Meetings and Events Industry, we created Massage Corners with Chair Massage, Shiatsu and Reflexology sessions. We participated in Geneva International Moto Show, Mobile World Congress, FIDIC, Eventoplus, EWEA, Eurofinance, Gartner, VmWorld among many others in Geneva, Paris, Vienna, Milano, Copenhagen and Barcelona. We also provided services in Professional Development as well as Personal Wellness with activities such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong, Yoga and Stress Management.

I will be very happy to offer you chair massage sessions in Geneva or anywhere in Switzerland!

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