Client love notes

"Beyond a massage, the "Harmonic Being" treatment was a real moment of interlude for my body and my mind and of rejuvenation. Paulina is fully invested, caring, attentive and fully present during the entire session. She is passionate, and uses a lot of different techniques, I love it. I felt each movement as a deep relaxation and release of knots/blockages, both physical and emotional. I loved! It was the best massage I've had so far (and I've tried hundreds...) I recommend Paulina with my eyes closed."
Paulina is a fantastic therapist. Having a very stressful professional life, I always look forward to Thai massage sessions with her. She has an incredible touch, focuses on your individual needs during each session and her voice is very soothing. I always come out of the sessions both relaxed and re-energized. Thai massage is a great way to relax your body, quiet your mind and improve your sleep. I schedule my appointments in the evening, usually fall asleep during the sessions and have peaceful nights after that. Thank you Paulina
I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks to Paulina, for her wonderful care and treatment that I've received the other day. The kind and professional attention you gave me, throughout and after the massage session was exceptional. What impressed me the most was the way you made me experience a state of deep relaxation, inner tranquility and bliss... actually you literally hit the reset buttom in my body because since then I sleep like a baby! Oh and thank you for the lovely card and your kind words received at the end of the treatment. Your clients are so lucky to have you as their therapist, you're the best!
I would like to express an immense gratitude to Paulina for her talented gift to see and help the healing on a very deep, subtle, and transformative way. This is true on many levels, physical and energetical, through her complementary techniques, as well as her knowledge and experience, her kindness and care to follow up and give some guidance to keep taking care of ourselves in the best ways. Merci de tout coeur!
Paulina is my trusted therapist since 2014! This time we had two sessions to release pain in my lower back and upper chest. The treatments helped me a lot: her touch is so centered, delicate and deep at the same time as well as her guidance and instructions to connect with the quality of my breath. I can tell the difference not only that the pain has gone, but also that the hips, the upper body and the chest are more free! In addition, Paulina has guided me to feel how the body, the breath and the emotions work together, as a unity. Now I have exercises to continue my practice at home. Many thanks Paulina!
Paulina is an exceptional being with a sensitivity and a strength that will immediately make you feel safe and comfortable to access deep levels of relaxation and connection to self! If I could, it would be my weekly go-to-lift-up !
Thank you Paulina 💕 More than just a massage, each experience with Paulina is transformed into deep relaxation, a magical and healing moment. Whether to release physical or emotional tension, Paulina's unique touch is transformative 🙏🏽 Incredible massage experience with the feet 👣 as deep and precise as with her hands ✨ And always very particular attention to your expectations and your condition of mind at the time of treatment!
Unique and exceptional experience! The Chavutti Thirumal massage orchestrated by Paulina's fairy hands and feet completely transported me. I didn't know this massage technique, powerful, relaxing, healing and totally mastered by Paulina.. A huge thank you🙏🏼, I'm a total fan✨
I have had massages from Paulina twice. One was indoors - ChavatiThirumal done primarily by foot to apply good pressure and release tensions, and other was outdoors - thaimassage, with beautiful stretches. She is very knowledgable and can suggest what your body may need. She is super kind and listens to your body and does the best in healing very harmoniously. Nothing feels rushed, all gradual process of opening up the body from stress and tensions into a very relaxed state. Grateful for the wonderful massages🙏