A gift of wellbeing 

That person you haven’t seen for a while and is very deer to you. You know she is under stress; because of personal and professional reasons she doesn’t have enough time and energy to take care of herself. She also mentioned she suffers from some neck and lower back discomfort and doesn’t sleep well at all.

With this massage gift voucher you offer her some much needed time off and you contribute to health and wellbeing. This may be an original gift for Christmas, festive season or a birthday present. You can also choose this well curated gift box prepared with special care and intention that brings more joy, serenity, purification and peace. A sweet, personalized note is added in beautiful envelope. 

Ah! In case you were wondering, A gift of wellbeing  to oneself is perfectly appropriate as well!   

What is inside?

DIVINE FEMININE massage oil 50 ml

To manifest the divine feminine in you 

Organic ingredients: apricot, sweet almond and passion fruit base oils. Sandalwood, ylang-ylang, sweet orange, geranium, black pepper essential oils. 

BLOSSOM ambient spray l 50 ml

To start each day with joy  

Yuzu, bergamote, monoi, atlas cedar.  



Handmade home decoration that brings elegance and beauty.



Purification, self-care, heart healing.

Your massage experience

You can choose between:

60 min session (value 110 CHF)

 60 min session with a gift box | 190 CHF

(regular price 210 CHF) 

You can choose between:

90 min session (value 150 CHF)

90 min session with a gift box | 230 CHF

(regular price 250 CHF)