First weekend

Saturday 15.05

1. Welcome. Presentation of the course, what is a thai massage, general background, precautions, safety. 

Feet : pressure points, movements and stretches. Principles of working at the floor, preparatory exercises and positions.

2. Leg energy lines SEN. Thumbing and palming


Sunday 16.05

3. Single leg stretches. Introduction to the blood stop.

4. Double leg stretches. Introduction to effortless transitions between the poses.


Second weekend

Saturday 29.05

5. Belly massage. 

6. Chest. Arms : inner energy lines.


Sunday 30.05

7. Sitting position.

8. Side position.


Third weekend

Saturday 12.06

9.  Continuation of side position. Supervised practice of all we learned so far. Space to ask all your questions.

10. Prone position.

Sunday 13.06

11. Head and face, therapeutic points. 

12. Final practice. You will have an opportunity to give and receive full thai massage session. You will receive a personalized feedback for your practice as a thai massage practitioner. Celebration.

Please note:

* The big part of each day is a demonstration and supervised practice, the theory part is organically interlaced.

* During the course you also learn how to adapt the poses and movements for people with different sizes of the body.

* .. as well as how to accommodate the cushions/bolsters/pillows for a pregnant woman and in common ailments (lower back pain, hunchback, neck pain, etc)