Sound & Touch

Human beings are field of energy! Sound therapy shifts frequencies from low energy to higher vibrations. Crystal singing and tibetan bowls come in different sizes and each one produces a deep sound that synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation.

Sometimes taken for granted, but it’s all about its quality. Touch that is present, warm and supportive, allows you to let go, connect deeply with yourself and release energy blockages. To feel vibrant and alive. There are evident changes in the patterns of your brain activity when you receive touch. 

Unifying these two, we hope to create a safe space for your deeper relaxation. 

Sound & Touch 

group sessions 


We create a beautiful circle together, each person lies comfortably on the mat.

Isilda uses crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, koshi bells, shamanic drum and  guided meditation to create an unique experience. The body absorbs the harmonic frequencies and is nourished by them.

Meanwhile, I give a short massage treatment to each participant: thai reflexology for the feet, gentle massage for the shoulders, neck and head. The touch is grounding, supportive and present. 

2 hours, 80 CHF

(only 6 participants)


Next sessions:

Friday 31.03.2023



Address: 6 Rue du Conseil-Général

Genève, 1205

March session: date to be confirmed


Address: 6 Rue du Conseil-Général

Genève, 1205

Sound & Touch  individual treatments  

Personal sessions are tailored to your own individual needs.

We will start with a brief consultation to assess where you are and how the session can support you.

Massage treatment centers on blending diverse techniques and modalities of bodywork such as thai yoga massage, belly massage, craniosacral, osteopathy and reflexology.

At the same time Isilda will create a sound vibration. She will place tibetan and crystal singing balls on and around the body reaching into you at a cellular level.

2 hours with 2 therapists

260 CHF


Nourish and nurture yourself

If you book as a gift, ask us for a voucher!